January 2019 - Parga, Greece - 14ºC water and 10ºC outside. Strong wind and messy waves for two days, and then flat sea and angry clouds for an eternity.

Enjoy a few water housing shots from the last surf forecast on the Black Sea

surfer bulgaria black sea
Тодор Бояджиев, снимка Ники

If you want to dive into the violent and dark waters of August (dark, mostly because there was a spill of fuel oil ...), just scroll down... And if want to know what we were up to during this surf forecast - we just enjoyed. Niki filmed with a water housing, surfed a fish board, Haley stepped on a surf for the first time, we were on a deserted "secret beach", slept in the car (again), and even motivated some friends to skip the shower for two days and also sleep in their car. We were waking up in the morning with a perfect view from some hill above the sea and we were just soaking in all the energy the sea can provide. For one last time, in August.

Getting immersed in the Balinese state of mind, where you keep it calm and relaxed, no matter how many things go wrong... A day in life on this amazing island.

It's been only few days since we arrived on Bali and it already feels like we never left. The first two nights we spent in Kuta, as it's the closest big city to the airport, also it's easier and cheaper to rent bikes from there. We bought some essentials (local-made hair oil + favourite surf wax) and left for the Bukit peninsula. This is the southern part of the island, where the famous Uluwatu temple and surf spot are. We've already wrote about those HERE. However, there are many more surf spots and cool things to explore in this area, so we've decided to stay here for several days.

We're sharing pics from a typical day: starting with a breakfast of fresh local fruits, that just makes us appreciate this place even further more.

Yesterday we went to check the well-known Uluwatu spot, where the waves weren't perfect and there was plenty of people in the water. The spot is immediately under some steep cliffs, and there are some weird indo-style bars and restaurants and souvenir shops, that are placed one over another, connected with stone steps. The whole things is kinda weird, but also absolutely typical for this area. We chilled for a while on the steps, as Niki was trying to decide whether or not to get in the water.

We finally decided to cruise around with the scooter and look for a new surf board in the local shops.

In the afternoon we went to Balangan beach where the tide was at its lowest point.

The view was so bizarre and surreal.

The reef that is normally under the water was showing naked with some little Indonesians playing around, looking for crabs and tiny shells.  It was pretty amazing to be able to literally walk to the surf spot with head-high waves braking immediately on the "shore". Obviously the whole experience was awesome, and, according to Niki, the waves were cool. We then headed back to our tiny home-stay and ate tasty dinner in a local place, where they cook traditional Nasi Goreng and Cap-Cay. We're now just getting immersed in the Balinese state of mind, where you keep it calm and relaxed, no matter how many things go wrong... Learning to go on a slower pace and appreciating things for what they are. Not seeking physical and emotional pleasure at all cost, but just following a simple plan of what you feel is right to do in a day. Exercise, eat slowly, get some work done or respond to some emails, clean and arrange your gear and belongings, go surfing, shoot/develop pictures, be focused when you need to and relaxed when you can. That's it.

Planning to explore some wild and amazing places very soon. Expect some more photos and stories!!