We miss you LOMBOK

As horrific earthquakes hit this precious island we go back to the dear days we've spent there during last winter... Lombok is raw and amazing.

It shouldn't be nobody's business to look at terrible world news and to fill their heads with dreadful images of tragedies... And yet - we should call your attention to what's happening in Indonesia right now. To be honest we've always told Indonesians : "You were born paradise", as in our heads, the amazing nature of their islands represented a heavenly escape from everything we dislike in our cold western cities. And yet, in the past few days we've seen these people suffer and fear because of this splendid mighty nature. And we're deeply sorry for them. We hope in all our hearts that the aftershocks of the earthquakes will stop and the local people will recover back to their ordinary life. Here's a few pictures of the raw spontaneous beauty of this island and its people *the way we saw it*

Over 300 people died and thousands were injured, tens of THOUSANDS were re-located and had to leave their homes. We're still not aware of any fund raisers or other initiatives to help the victims, but we'll keep you updated. More information here: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/aug/09/indonesia-earthquake-death-toll-nearly-triples