Rainy summer

After two months spent on warm and sunny islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean, it is hard to complain that it is raining in Sofia. Well, yes, but the sun is never enough, and it is quite true that one appreciates what he has when he loses it: D

My way of appreciating Bali and the other islands: the surf, the heat, the misery, the exotic vibe, the nomadic lifestyle and everything else is to actually flood this blog with pictures and (hopefully soon) another video blog from Indonesia. So, get ready! : D

And if you get fed up with pics of beaches or vacations in sunny Europe (as social media is full of such content even without me in the picture) - look at some real news!

Our neighbor Greece is devastated by wild fires which keep destroying homes and taking victims, the same is happening all over Europe: Croatia, Italy, even in Sweden! In the States and Canada the situation isn't better, only in California there are 16 active fires right now! And on one of my favorite islands in Indonesia - Lombok, a volcano we were admiring from the plane a week ago, erupted unexpectedly, killing dozens of people and blocking hundreds of tourists in the mountains.

So let's enjoy the sun "through the clouds" and not complain too much :)

healthy breakfast vegan surf закуска веган

I share a "recipe" for our breakfast: + bananas, strawberries, almond milk and ice in a blender + oat bran (easier to digest and no need to wait for them) + more bananas and strawberries + coconut sawdust :)

Well, I couldn't miss to add a little colorful sugar ... The Surfer's Journal and the phone are for morning motivation - some beautiful surf pictures (not chicks from the beach) always work well for breakfast :) That's it - Have a great day !!


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