January in Indonesia: Lombok surfing

How does it feel to be on an island in the middle of the warm Indian ocean, to be surrounded by jungle and sand, to fly on a motorbike on narrow roads between rice fields and splendid views... Well, it's not bad. Not at all. It's even one of the best things that a person can experience... ever.

Ok, so if you did read our previous posts, you know how much we enjoyed Bali. But, we also went on some other islands in this amazing country... And NO, we didn't take the fast boats, that tourists enjoy so much... nooo, we took the ferry to visit Lombok. We spent hours and hours on that ferry... the local people were looking at us, at our white-reddish skin, pealing off our faces, our phones and cameras, our surf bags... And we felt like tourists, like THE ONLY tourists... and then - they got used to us, they sat around, started eating, selling us fruits and rice, taking photos of Bianka sleeping...

And suddenly we felt that we were in Indo for real!

We arrived on the island in the afternoon and then spent several hours riding the bikes down south and reached Kuta (Koeta) in the evening. Of course we had no arranges accommodation but found a nice place right away.. With some negotiation we managed to get it HALF PRICE :D The next few days were just beach time/surf time = all the time! Endless beaches, sun, dirty roads, homeless dogs and huge cows, smiling children, surrounding the motorbikes every time we wanted to stop to take a picture or to enjoy the shades of the palm trees. Also some rain, nice waves and unforgettable crazy colorful sunsets every evening. We later changed the hotel with a nice BnB managed by a local lady and enjoyed her banana pancakes every morning.

After Lombok we went straight to Gili islands, but we'll tell you more about that in some of our next posts. Also, expect more surf shots ;)