Flamingos in the park

Updated: Jul 31, 2018

Your birthday wonderland is closer than you might think :) How to have a magical garden celebration when stuck in the city. Here's our idea !

Post by Bianka

"You guys travel all the time! Where are you going now? What's the plan?" People often ask us these questions, but the truth is that we too have to stay home sometimes, even when we really wish to travel... Who doesn't want to take off to somewhere far away for his birthday ?!

This year, in the absence of any other option, I decided that I would travel to a really impossible location - you know, one that you can not get on by plane ;) A place where my beloved friends will be present, everything will be done according to my own taste and at the same time, we will be close to nature and we won't depend on the mood swings of waiters, DJs, bar tenders, etc... I shared the idea with my sister, whose birthday is only three days after mine, and together we made a

garden party in pinterest-inspired boho style, except that it was done... in the city park: D 

Many people mocked me, saying that from far away it looked like a wedding or a kid's birthday - it's up to you to decide :) I personally think that the idea was great, as we spent a really magical night  and I encourage you to try it out! Actually, the nice white wine or the fresh summer cocktail are the most delicious when drank in fresh air...