Another "Surfing in Bulgaria" post

Enjoy a few water housing shots from the last surf forecast on the Black Sea

surfer bulgaria black sea
Тодор Бояджиев, снимка Ники

If you want to dive into the violent and dark waters of August (dark, mostly because there was a spill of fuel oil ...), just scroll down... And if want to know what we were up to during this surf forecast - we just enjoyed. Niki filmed with a water housing, surfed a fish board, Haley stepped on a surf for the first time, we were on a deserted "secret beach", slept in the car (again), and even motivated some friends to skip the shower for two days and also sleep in their car. We were waking up in the morning with a perfect view from some hill above the sea and we were just soaking in all the energy the sea can provide. For one last time, in August.